Madonna and Freemasonry... 
Madonna and the use of symbolism in his videos and the live shows ... a love relationship in a flurry of citations and winks. And if to describe her MDNA tour she didin't found the words more meaningful that the two most important mottos of Freemasonry (here) in his latest video, Gosttown, in a post apocalyptic world where little remains of civilization here is that it can not find best place to dance on the floor of a Masonic temple.

Yes ... because the heart of every Masonic temple is the checkered floor ... and it is there that Maonna decided to dance. It certainly does not dance with someone at random. 
Her blonde and white, symbolizing the light dance / fight with a black man symbolizing the dark in a clear and constant reference to the Masonic symbols ... the light and the dark (From darkness to light) that are in the Masonic Temple always present in the image the sun and the moon. 

Madonna chose to represent in his video one of the cornerstones of esoteric symbology ... the eternal struggle between good and evil, between light and its opposite ... the dark !!! 
And it does so by borrowing just to Freemasonry some of the symbols. 
And it is on the floor of the Masonic lodge that the fight turns into dance ... hate into love and light and darkness come together to be the only architects of the near future, a child who will be the new man of a new FREE humanity.

 Why Madonna uses just the Masons? ... I do not know. The scenarios that open are many, but one thing is certain ... Madonna uses esoteric symbols linked to Freemasonry and goes knowingly and voluntarily.


  1. Dopo 3 anni, ti ritrovo infine...è accaduto attraverso il duetto di Mina e Vanoni...
    Le Gall

  2. Stessa iconografia regiliosa con Barbara al Chatelet...