. It's behind you! A hungry chameleon lurks on a nearby blade of grass ready to pounce of an unsuspecting insect in a field in IndonesiaLightning fast: Using specially adapted muscles and bones, the chameleon fires out its tongue towards the bug in the blink of an eyeBullseye! The reptile has a sticky tip on the end of its tongue which enables it to draw its helpless prey into its mouthCrack shot: The amazing sequence of images was taken by amateur photographer Shikhei Goh, 39, from Indonesia, using a Canon 7D cameraSweet taste of success: Mr Goh had to wait 40 minutes after spotting the lizard on a walk on Batam Island in Indonesia to capture this moment Down the hatch: After gobbling his lunch, the chameleon climbed down from the grass satisified with his afternoon's hunt

 La bellezza drammatica della natura!